As specialists in meeting the needs of today’s forward-thinking clients, Bailey Schmidt Inc. understands how businesses can create eco-friendly work environments that improve the quality of life for their employees and the community at large. Bailey Schmidt Inc. brokers and salespersons have the experience necessary to identify building and site features that affect clients’ ability to achieve LEED credits early in the building selection or land acquisition process. They are also experienced at identifying environmentally responsible processes that need to be included in lease or purchase negotiations. Experienced sustainable representation is the key to saving money and ensuring environmental goals are met.

Bailey Schmidt Inc. helps its clients meet their sustainable goals by:

  • Aligning a firm’s real estate requirements with its vision and values
  • Engaging landlords to support tenants’ green efforts
  • Assisting in creation of healthy work environments to enhance employee productivity, recruitment and retention
  • Including waste and energy reduction goals into the building selection process, lease or purchase negotiation, and design team selection
  • Overseeing selection of the project team to ensure clients sustainable goals will be adhered to during design and construction